Jon Huntington; Australia’s Leading Geologist

Jon Huntington is an internationally recognised geologist, with a career's worth of deep experience in the hyperspectral characterisation of rocks from a laboratory, field airborne and spacebourne sensors. He has worked as an exploration and mine geologist in applied research for Australia's CSIRO and has consulted widely to international companies. In addition, he has lead many applied industry-funded remote sensing research projects through AMIRA International and MERIWA.

Internationally Acclaimed and Recognised

Jon has been involved with a number of internationally recognised projects, including:
  • The Hylogging Concept
  • The Spectral Geologist (TSG) software package, and
  • The AuScope National Virtual Core Library (NVCL)
Dr. Jon Huntington
DR Jon Huntington 
Director, Huntington Hyperspectal

Specialised Experience

HH Geoscience offers a generation of specialised experience including: 
  • Practical advice in reflectance spectroscopy for the geosciences
  • Confidential and non-confidential spectral data interpretation services
  • Drill core and drill chip characterisation
  • QA/QC checks on spectral reflectance data
  • Training and teaching services 
  • User requirements and specifications
We also offer our expertise in all aspects of VNIR, SWIR and TIR spectral analysis including: 
  • PIMA™ 
  • ASDI Fieldspec™ and Terraspec™
  • HyLogging™ 
  • HyChips™
  • TSG™ software
  • REE Screening

Contact HH Geoscience for more details about professional analysis capabilities. 

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