The future is voluminous mineral spectroscopy … using reflectance spectra like geochemistry, densely and in 3D

HHGeoscience (Huntington Hyperspectral Pty Ltd) has been a pioneer in spectroscopic interpretation, analysis and management creating increased confidence in your exploration, mining, drilling and mapping results.
For both Mineral and Basin Systems we take a holistic view of interpretation. Geochemical assaying is often confined to what is considered a likely mineralised interval. This can seriously limit one’s view of the entire mineral system and we recommend, where possible, a wider view sampling and interpreting the complete sequence and the enveloping context to any mineralisation. That means host lithologies, distal and proximal characteristics and vectors. 

In oil and unconventional gas and coal basins and sedimentary uranium systems this is no less true permitting the recognition of sedimentation history and broader spatial, facies and stratigraphic changes.

Above all hyperspectral methods can provide rapid and objective characterisation of mineral and basin systems augmenting and enhancing conventional logging methods.

Contact HH Geoscience for more details about professional analysis capabilities. 

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