Hyperspectrally Augmented Petrology
HHGeoscience is working with collaborators experimentally applying hyperspectral mineral mapping on thin section offcuts (thick-sections) to augment existing petrological services.
The aim is to carry validation of coarser scale mineralogical mapping, say on field samples or drill cores, to finer scales focusing, as before, on minimal sample preparation and fast feedback for interpreting, for example, fine grained clays, and also to introduce a greater degree of paragenetic understanding to traditional reflectance spectroscopy.

In this we are currently collaborating with rowenaduckworth@bigpond.com of MINTEX http://petrologyservices.com/ and Specim Ltd www.specim.fi. Image of roscoelite / carbonate veins in sericite matrix courtesy of Stephen Cox (ANU).

Any other petrologists interested in practical collaboration are invited to make contact.
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